Dice: an online casino game

Dice is a slot simulator developed by the provider Spribe, which has become extremely popular by 2024. It opens to users the world of gambling in a new format: now you can play for real money without leaving home or interrupting your usual business. It is enough to have a device with Internet access, choose your favorite machine on the web, and activate one of the two available modes ๐ŸŒ. Gamblers can immediately win jackpots and receive instant payouts.

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  1. โœ… Dice - description of the game and storyline
  2. โญ What gamblers need to consider when using Dice chips and features
  3. ๐Ÿ”ฅ Overview of the slot machine features includes a demonstration mode Dice
  4. โšก How to increase the probability of winning the jackpot in the Dice game using strategies
  5. โญ• "Auto Play" or how to automate Dice
  6. ๐Ÿ“ What players think about the Dice simulator - reviews and reviews
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The Dice game by Spribe is a simulator that has gained popularity among beginners and professionals of gambling. The high payout percentage and incredible jackpots attract even the most picky players, and the slot machine gets a lot of positive reviews. Its popularity is growing every day, and it can be run on any site on the Internet thanks to its amazing adaptability.

Dice - description of the game and storyline


"Dice is a simulation game that hit the Internet in 2024. The project has gained popularity among gamblers from the countries, and it is gladly used by high rollers, who win incredibly large jackpots with a few clicks of the mouse.

This slot machine has no unique storyline. After starting the game, the player is given a virtual field on which there are two rulers with numerical values from 0.0 to 9.99. A slider moves between them.

The slot machine is based on guessing the number on which the pointer will appear. The player must decide whether the result will be more or less than the previous one. When the pointer hits the betting area on the ruler, the player gets a payout with a certain coefficient.

โœ” Note that in the Dice game, you can adjust the odds yourself before each round. For your convenience, the provider provides a separate control panel that allows you to make each bet more profitable and accurate.

The higher the payout ratio, the larger will be a certain area called "colored". This area can be tricky for the pointer to get into the right player's range. However, if the round is successfully played, it can cover the costs with incredible multipliers. Each player has a chance of winning the jackpot, which is 970 times the original bet.

๐ŸŽฒ Game Title Dice
๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Developer Spribe
๐Ÿ“… Release Year 2021
๐ŸŽฎ Game Type Mini-game
๐Ÿ“Š RTP 97%
๐Ÿ’ต Betting Limits 0.1-100
๐Ÿ’ฐ Maximum Win 970x
๐Ÿ”„ Auto Play Yes
๐ŸŽฎ Demo Play Yes
๐Ÿ” Fairness Guarantee Provably Fair
๐ŸŒ Supported Platforms PC, tablets, phones

What gamblers need to consider when using Dice chips and features


This slot machine, developed by Spribe, is not just for the fun of gambling. It is a real emulator that can help make big money in just a few seconds. Players leave a lot of positive feedback about this project, which is recognized by both beginners in gambling, and experienced professionals with large bankrolls.

Usually point out the following main advantages of the slot machine:

  • Management is very convenient and intuitive, which allows the gambler to quickly get the hang of it and learn how to bet within a few minutes ๐Ÿ•น.
  • In the slot, the customer has the opportunity to manage the risks independently, choosing the coefficient ๐Ÿ’ธ.
  • After a successful round, the money is instantly credited to the user's balance without additional commissions and hidden fees ๐Ÿ’ฑ.
  • A stable random number generator, which is constantly checked, provides equal opportunities for all users to win ๐ŸŽฐ.
  • If the security level is high, you can not worry about trusting your money Dice ๐Ÿ”.
  • Graphics in a minimalistic style, which gives the game an elegant look and does not interfere with the player's immersion in the game world ๐Ÿ’ฅ.
  • The "Auto Play" option provides several customization options to automate the gameplay, making it possible to generate passive income without much effort ๐Ÿค–.
  • Provider reports that the machine has a high rate of return (RTP) - reaches 97%, which is a rarity among competitors ๐Ÿ“ˆ.
  • This is a mobile version, which allows the gambler to stay in touch with Dice wherever he is ๐Ÿ“ฑ.
  • The slot machine is universal because it works equally well on computers with any operating system, as well as on mobile devices ๐Ÿ’ป.
  • Here, every fan of gambling will find a range of rates that suits him and allows you to put a small or large sum at stake ๐Ÿ’ฐ.
  • This mode allows you to get acquainted with the gambling simulator without the risk of losing money, creating a demo environment for the user ๐Ÿ‘€.
  • The bonuses provided by the casino reduce the risks and increase the benefits with each bet ๐ŸŽ.

The project from Spribe is quite common and is not exclusive, as the slot is easily found in almost any virtual casino. The emulator runs in one of two modes, and the final decision is up to the player. The user can switch between versions of the virtual machine by clicking on special buttons and toggle switches with the mouse.

Overview of the slot machine features includes a demonstration mode Dice


The ability to get acquainted with the possibilities simulator without the risk of losing the deposit provides a demo mode considered unit. It is available to every user and allows you to get acquainted with the options and features of the game. In demo mode, bets made automatically accrued currency - credits, which never run out. If the balance is close to zero, just refresh the page emulator or re-enter the game, and the account will be replenished, allowing you to continue to play without limitation.

It is recommended to use the demo mode for beginners and those with no Dice experience. This version of the simulator is ideal for practicing different strategies and behavioral approaches while minimizing risk. Experienced gamblers also often use the demo version of Dice for training, recreation, and entertainment, as in this mode you do not need to risk money. You can make mistakes, learn from your shortcomings and observe how different game concepts work. Although Spribe's Dice Demo is no different from the Cash mode, it still has its special features.

  • The impossibility of using and wagering bonuses received from the casino ๐ŸŽ.
  • If a virtual gambling house supports a loyalty program, but it does not accrue experience, it means its absence โŒ.
  • In case the possibility of withdrawal of won funds is blocked, all transactions are carried out exclusively using virtual currency โœจ.

Running this game is not at all difficult. To turn on the demo mode, it is enough to adhere to a few simple instructions.

  1. Go to the official website of Spribe.
  2. Find the desired game simulator in the navigation menu and click on it.
  3. For a better understanding of the management and betting process in the simulator, the provider provides a detailed description of its product in English, as well as accompanying screenshots. Familiarizing yourself with this information will help you more quickly master the functionality of the simulator and understand its rules. Provided materials are available before activating the demo mode.
  4. Click on the button "Play Demo".

After opening a new tab in your browser, you will be able to download the slot machine you are interested in. Then, you'll just have to use the navigation bars for betting and the start button of the tour to start a new game. Thanks to this simulator, you'll be able to experience real gambling and maybe even win a jackpot that can exceed your original bet by up to 970 times! Just a few clicks of the mouse and you're already close to a big payout.

It's easy to spot a Dice slot machine because its demo version is available not only on the manufacturer's website but also on various virtual casino portals. You can run the test version of this slot machine in the same way on these portals.

โœ” Please note: when you play in an online casino and you are asked to choose the game mode, the demo version of the simulator will be marked as "Demo" or "Free".

How to increase the probability of winning the jackpot in the Dice game using strategies


Even a schoolboy can figure out the elementary rules of the virtual simulator, which is often used to win jackpots. Users look for proven algorithms to win with greater probability. Some players spend weeks or months studying the slot's demo mode to find the most profitable betting and game management tactics.

Dice is a slot machine that is suitable for both high rollers and those without large deposits. Users can use a variety of schemes and strategies in this machine, and any tactics that are used in gambling to this day will work on this machine.

The most common clients, according to most, are.

  • Fibonacci numbers;
  • Martingale;
  • on the rise;
  • Oscar's method;
  • D'Alamber;
  • Anti-Martingale;
  • "1-3-2-6";
  • "Grid";
  • "Paroli" method.

It is impossible to predict the result of each game of Dice, as it depends on the random number generator. Therefore, no strategy can guarantee 100% success in winning a large sum of money. However, these strategies can help reduce losses after unsuccessful games and maximize profits if you win.

There are strategies available at Dice Casino that are suitable for both beginners and experienced players. At the same time, professional high rollers advise paying attention to the following tactics.

  1. ยซ1โ€“3โ€“2โ€“6ยป. The Dice game, where a client chooses his initial bet, and then triples it after the first round and doubles it after the second. The final bet must be 6 times the initial bet. This betting method is popular in various Dice simulators and works with both large and small deposits for maximum efficiency.
  2. The D'Alambert gambling tactic is popular among players with small banks and aims to minimize losses from losing games. Its essence is that the initial deposit is divided into several parts: a fixed bet and a "step". With each loss, the initial bet is increased by a set value, and with a win it is decreased.
  3. Martingale is a gambling strategy that is highly effective and allows large winnings, especially for high rollers. The risks of betting are low and the returns are as high as possible. The essence of the strategy is to double each lost bet, but after the first win, the client must return to the original bet. To avoid losing the deposit and winnings, before starting the gamble, it is necessary to determine the limit that the gambler is ready to lose and stop the game after reaching this limit. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing even the largest bankroll in a short time, gambling.
  4. Anti-Martingale is a strategy that is based on achieving maximum profit. It allows the player to dive into the world of gambling and enjoy the game. Despite the high risks, successfully played games will allow the client to recoup previous failures. The essence of the strategy is that the player puts the maximum possible amount in each round. If the user does not have sufficient funds, he should determine the limit bet and use it every time as a bet. In the Dice game, this strategy brings maximum returns, especially if you use multipliers. It is recommended to start with small odds with a small bankroll until the player "accumulates" a sufficient amount for risky play and high stakes.

To increase the interest and profitability of the game for money in Dice, you need to use the tactic "play to increase", which resembles the strategy "Martingale". It consists of determining the rate and its "step" in which each loss leads to an increase in beta on the established value, but not 2 times. The size of the "step" can be at your discretion.

โœ” It is advisable to use the Dice demo mode to determine the best strategy for the game, by practicing different options.

"Auto Play" or how to automate Dice


A feature of slot simulators is the ability to use a built-in bot to play automatically. While many slots offer such an option, Project Spribe stands out for its more detailed bot customization.

The client can choose standard or advanced parameters for the bot and use the option "Auto Play", which not only helps him to get passive income but also allows him to see how the previously selected strategies work in automatic mode. The bot can specify betting management principles, and behavior when reaching certain limits and winnings.

If you want to quickly increase your bankroll, even with small savings, the Dice bot with the right settings is an excellent choice for gamblers. This feature works both in demo mode and in the paid version of the simulator. To open it, you need to click on the round button with the symbol "Play" to the right of the betting settings.

โœ” If you are just beginning to get acquainted with the online simulator, we strongly recommend trying out the bot in demo mode. This will help you avoid financial losses if any problems arise.

What players think about the Dice simulator - reviews and reviews


Dice is a game that gets a huge amount of feedback from users. It is popular among gambling enthusiasts and has many reviews and reviews that help to understand its advantages and disadvantages. Beginners and professional players actively leave their opinions about the project.

I recently started playing Dice on the manufacturer's website, but so far only in demo mode, as I am new to gambling and do not want to risk real money. I would like to start with a good payoff from the first bets, and I think Dice can help me with that. It's very easy to win here, you can bet in just a couple of clicks and the payouts can be 10, 50, or even 200 times as much. I noticed that the multiplier limit on the slot is x970, but I have yet to win at that odds. However, I have been able to win quite well with lower odds. I can even set payouts so that they are almost always guaranteed, although in this case, the odds will be lower. I think the Dice slot machine is a great way to relax and have fun.
Greetings everyone! I prefer to start playing for real money right away. When it comes to Dice, its provider promised simple rules and a high payout percentage. And it's true! Although I do not belong to the high rollers, my bets are quite significant. I sometimes try new strategies in the demo mode, but I still prefer the paid mode. I advise you not to set too high odds right away in the simulator, as it can lead to the loss of the deposit. Regarding the bot, I do not use it yet, because I found it too complicated, and setting it up takes a lot of time. I prefer to control the whole process of the game on the screen myself.
I play Dice both for money and in demo mode, and I actively use the 1win Casino bonus program for betting. Spribe's gambling simulator became even more interesting and profitable for me thanks to the 1win app, which I downloaded to my smartphone and PC. This app allowed me to play the simulator without a browser, which is very convenient. The demo mode now works even without the internet if run through the app. I get good jackpots, regardless of the chosen strategy, and I can safely play for money on "lucky day". I recommend this slot to all gambling enthusiasts.

Most reviews on the project Spribe positive, which suggests that the slot is worth paying attention to any player who wants to not only enjoy the excitement but also benefit his budget.


1.To play Dice, is it necessary to register?
You can use the demo mode without having to create an account at the gambling house. This feature is available to all customers even without registration and authorization. However, to get bonuses and the opportunity to play for real money, you need to create an account in the casino system.
2.Gaming simulator can be hacked?
The possibility of hacking this gambling emulator is excluded due to the reliable protection system, which prevents hacking attempts from both the player and the casino. Any hacking attempts will be stopped: the player will be blocked from bets for real money, and the casino may revoke the license.
3.How to download the game?
The slot machine is available on all platforms through the browser, for its normal operation, it is necessary to have a stable Internet on the device. For faster access to the system, you can download the online casino application.
4.Is it possible to use any strategies in the game, which will provide guaranteed winnings?
No strategy in gambling does not provide players with a hundred percent guarantee of winning. It is worth paying attention to such approaches as "1-3-2-6", "Oscar's method", "D'Alamber", "Martingale" and "Anti-Martingale". Games on the rise can also bring a good income.
5.Does the bot work only in paid mode?
No, you can not set up automatic play in the Dice client in the demo version. However, the test mode supports all the options that are in the paid version, except for the use of bonuses and winnings.