Dice game promo code: types, features and use

Each provider tries to make their gambling simulators interesting and profitable for users. To do this, developers add a variety of bonuses to slot machines that significantly expand the capabilities of the selected machine and increase its solvency. Gamblers can use the bonuses to increase their chances of winning without spending large amounts of their funds. Each bonus allows the player to lower their bets and bring them closer to big winnings 👛.

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  1. ⭐ Dice game - slot description
  2. đŸ”Ĩ Play Dice with pleasure using the features of the machine
  3. ⚡ What is available by default in the built-in bonuses Dice
  4. ⭕ What gifts can be given as rewards for using promo codes in a Dice game?
  5. 📝 How to properly use Dice promo codes: general instructions
  6. 📌 Instructions on how to use regular promo codes in Dice
  7. 📖 How do I apply a Dice promo code when registering?
  8. đŸ”ē Dice vouchers are a valuable and rare prize for players
  9. 🎁 Where to find promo codes for Dice
  10. 🔷 FAQ

What promotions does the Dice game offer? A promo code is a widely used bonus with high functionality and effectiveness. This type of incentive is popular not only among Spribe, who released the game but also among other casino providers and curators. Promo codes are easy to use and can bring different rewards for slot machines, making them even more profitable each time!

Dice game - slot description


Dice by Spribe is an iconic slot machine that became popular in 2024. Its name speaks for itself - it is a game of Dice but in a more advanced and simplified form.

The gambler who has launched the slot will find himself at a virtual table, on which there is a pointer and two "rulers". Under the main playing field is a menu of bets, which allows the player to:

  • The higher the specified payout ratio, the more possible risks, and the winnings become more significant 🤑;
  • adjust the parameters of the current betting 🎰;
  • Configure and activate the built-in bot 🤖;
  • manually run the next round ♠.

Slot machine "Dice" requires the player to guess the number that will fall out the next time, and this number can be more or less than the previous one. The range of possible values ranges from 0 to 9, so you only need to get into one of the "shaded areas" on the screen, without specifying the exact value. A few clicks and the problem is solved!

✔ Be careful: the area you paint over depends on the coefficient you choose. The greater the value of this coefficient, the less space will remain on the game ribbon.

🎲 Game Title Dice
🕹ī¸ Developer Spribe
📅 Release Year 2021
🎮 Game Type Mini-game
🎁 Game Bonuses Only from the online casino
🎟ī¸ Ways to Obtain Through promo codes
📲 Activation Features During registration or when topping up an account
🚀 Current Promo Codes Available on thematic portals, on social networks

Play Dice with pleasure using the features of the machine


Dice is an online casino with luck games that are becoming more and more popular among gamblers every day. It gets a lot of positive feedback from newcomers and experienced players alike. This slot machine is versatile as it is interesting for all players, regardless of experience level.

The virtual gambling simulator has several advantages, such as:

  • Easy to understand intuitive controls and an attractive interface design đŸ’Ĩ;
  • Even a beginner will be able to master the simple rules 🎈;
  • Provider claims that this slot machine has a high return, as the RTP is x970 of the initial bet 🤑;
  • The gambler can control the size of the final payout, adjusting not only the bet but also the desired coefficient 💸;
  • The minimalistic design slot machine interface is pleasing to the eye and does not distract from the full immersion in the game 👀;
  • Convenient mobile version đŸ¤ŗ;
  • Safety and fairness of the game are ensured by the use of a random number generator and strict control of winnings 💰;
  • This is a trial version, which allows you to fully play and learn the basics of the device 🎲;
  • There is a built-in bot that provides opportunities to earn income without being actively involved 🤖;
  • This slot machine is suitable for both those with a large bankroll and users with little money on their balance due to its versatility 👛.

Another plus is the bonuses 🎁, which will help gamblers play for real money more often. Bonuses can be obtained in several ways, allowing players to get closer to winning without investing significant personal finances. Promo codes are the most common way to get and use bonuses. Nice and generous gifts are waiting for everyone right now!

What is available by default in the built-in bonuses Dice


Dice is a slot machine with simple rules and easy controls, which became a cult novelty in 2024 and won the hearts of thousands of gamblers around the world. There are various bonuses and promo codes that help you get jackpots and big winnings with minimal risk and maximum frequency.

Spribe's Playing Dice slot machine does not offer built-in bonuses, but by default, it provides users with good enough features without any additional gifts.

  • Adjusting the final payout ratio;
  • This is a bot that is built into the game and controls it automatically.

Dice is an attractive and convenient slot machine. The bonus options for this slot mainly depend on the casino where it is located. Players usually have to use promo codes to get bonuses.

What gifts can be given as rewards for using promo codes in a Dice game?


Promo codes are special codes that, when entered into an online casino, give registered gamblers various bonuses and gifts. Depending on the ongoing promotion, promo codes can be fixed or selective.

You can get a prize by using a promo code.

  • Bonus cash for betting;
  • free spins;
  • Gaining experience as part of a casino loyalty program to improve your profile.
  • vouchers.

Promo code gift options may vary depending on the casino's bonus program. Some promo codes may give lottery tickets or access to closed tournaments on the casino website. It is recommended to clarify this information from the support service of the selected virtual gambling club. But usually, the most common gift of promo codes are bonuses in the form of additional game funds.

How to properly use Dice promo codes: general instructions


Even a novice gambler won't have any trouble using a Dice promo code. Users of virtual casinos should remember a few rules for using a bonus code.

  1. To get the reward, the gambler must activate the promo code first - this is a prerequisite for participation in the promotion.
  2. Bonus codes may differ not only in their content but also in the way they are obtained. Some codes do not require a deposit and award prizes immediately upon activation of a unique combination. While other codes, the most common, require a deposit to receive well-deserved gifts.
  3. Using certain promo codes can lead to increased rewards under the regular bonus program.
  4. Bonus codes come in three types: registration codes, regular codes, and individual codes. Unique combinations, which are of the latter type, can only be used by a certain player, while registration codes are for newcomers.
  5. If you fail to activate an online casino promo code within the allotted time, you will not be able to restore the gift. This gift cannot be restored after the promo code expires.
  6. Each bonus code can be used by the customer only once during its validity period. If you try to use the code again, the system will display an error message and the prize will not be received.
  7. It is necessary to win back the gifts received using bonus codes. Individual conditions are set for each promotion, including wagers and terms (for free spins - slots), which are recommended to clarify with the support service.
  8. Sometimes the current status of the gambler's profile can affect the wagering of bonuses, including those received by promo codes. As an account's rank increases, the requirements for wagering prizes become less stringent.

If you don't use a promo code gift in time, it will become invalid and there will be no way to restore it. Use Dice bonus codes to increase your chances of winning the jackpot now!

Instructions on how to use regular promo codes in Dice


There are different types of promo codes available in the game in question, and the way to activate them will depend on which "unique combination" is used.

The most common are regular promo codes, which can only be used by registered users of the selected online casino. This requires:

  1. You can find out the current valid promo codes and save them by copying them to your device's clipboard or remembering them.
  2. Authorize your account at the selected online casino.
  3. Go to the "Promo Codes" tab.
  4. It is necessary to enter the bonus combination in a certain field and click on the button "Activate".

Further actions of the player will be determined by the reward associated with the promo code. Perhaps the player will be able to get the prize immediately or choose it from the set offered by the system.

✔ Note that the activation of individual promo codes for playing Dice and other simulators similarly takes place.

How do I apply a Dice promo code when registering?


Registration promo codes are a special type of bonus that requires special attention when used. If the gambler doesn't use it correctly, he may miss out on the opportunity to get the prize he deserves.

Registration promo codes are only for new users of virtual casinos. These promo codes are issued by the casino administration to attract new players who are not yet registered on the site. Promo codes may be issued as part of various promotions, lotteries, and tournaments for unregistered users, and may also be posted on the official resources of the online casino.

To use a registration promo code requires:

  1. Find a suitable unique combination using any method convenient for the gambler.
  2. Only new members of the system can use registration bonus codes to open a registration form.
  3. When filling out the electronic form, you can click on the hyperlink "I have a bonus code" to open an additional line on the screen.
  4. In the new section of the electronic registration form, you must enter the previously received promo code.
  5. Complete the process of creating a new account.

After the first login to the personal account, the gambler receives a fixed gift or can choose it. Often when registering, promo codes are provided as a deposit and allow you to increase the standard welcome gifts for newbies. As a helpful assistant, I can tell you how to use promo codes to get extra bonuses.

✔ It is important to know that if you do not enter a registration code in the appropriate field when you create your account, you will not be able to activate it in the "Promo Codes" section after you log in to the system.

Dice vouchers are a valuable and rare prize for players


Sometimes users can use Dice vouchers, which are the rarest category of rewards in each casino, but also the most rewarding and interesting. Usually, these rewards are represented by cash payouts, the amount of which depends on the denomination of the voucher. Other rewards are extremely rare in this promotion.

Dice vouchers are rare and unique promo codes that do not require wagering. Their peculiarity is the possibility to withdraw winnings immediately or use them for betting with real money, without having to scroll through them in the slots of the selected casino.

Dice vouchers can be obtained by customers as a personal reward or found on official casino websites. Sometimes these promo codes are given to gamblers for participating in closed promotions and tournaments.

✔ Please note: The voucher will be used in the same way as a regular or individual promo code. As soon as the gambler activates it in the personal cabinet, the put amount will be credited to the main balance, and not to the bonus account.

Where to find promo codes for Dice


A Dice promo code is a gift that gives users a variety of prizes, including money and free spins. There are several ways to find one:

  1. Through news feeds on the official website of the casino where the gambling player is registered ⌨;
  2. In groups of gambling houses in social networks 🕸;
  3. Through channels in messengers 📖;
  4. On specialized websites and forums dedicated to gambling for luck 🌐;
  5. Get prizes at closed tournaments and events at online casinos 🎈.

Support casinos can sometimes send promo codes to a personal account as a personal reward, or pass them through live chat while communicating with representatives of the support team.

In free emails registered players may find some promo codes. In addition, automatic emails contain not only bonus codes but also Dice vouchers.


1.I received a regular promo code. What should I do?
It is necessary to activate it in the personal cabinet of the online casino within the specified period. Some sections of the account may be marked with the symbol "+".
2.Is it possible to choose a reward when using a code to get a bonus?
The ability to use a promo code depends on the promotion it is part of. Some promotions allow you to get unique rewards with a promo code, while others provide only fixed rewards.
3.If an error message occurs when entering a bonus code, what should I do?
If you encounter a problem with a promo code not working, then contact the support team of the online casino you have chosen. Perhaps the reason is a glitch in the system or the expiration of the code. Qualified support professionals will help sort out the situation.
4.How many times can I activate a voucher?
Gamblers can use an unlimited number of vouchers and promo codes, as long as they are valid. However, each "unique code" can only be activated once.