The Dice game is an analog of cult simulator 2024 and is similar to it

Slot machines have their uniqueness, but they all share similarities. As soon as one provider creates a unique virtual machine, competitors immediately start working on developing similar products. Because of this, finding analogs of different slots is not difficult - players can choose gambling emulators that are most appealing to them in every way.

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  1. ⭐ What is Dice - description and storyline
  2. 🔥 Features of the game Dice
  3. ⚡ How to start using the simulator Dice in demo mode for the first acquaintance
  4. ⭕ Dice analogs - how to occupy yourself if you are bored
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Dice Game is no exception. The analog of this gambling game can be found very quickly, especially if you know what it is. An explosive success in 2024, this particular slot became a real sensation. Although there are other similar games, it will be quite difficult to find such an interesting and generous slot.

What is Dice - description and storyline


Dice is a slot machine that immediately became popular among gamblers. It was created by Spribe, a well-known gambling developer known for its quality and successful games. Among the many profitable simulators Spribe, "Playing Dice" has become one of the best.

This virtual simulator is an electronic game that has no specific plot. It resembles a game of Dice and the screen contains two rulers with marks and a slider between them. The goal of the game is to predict the value in the next round - more or less than the previous one. If the prediction is correct, the player wins without any commissions or additional fees.

The slot machine is different in that the user can adjust the payout ratio himself. If he increases the coefficient, it becomes more difficult to guess where the slider on the screen will go, but the possible winnings will be much larger. The final decision is up to each player.

🎲 Game Title Dice
🕹️ Developer Spribe
🎮 Game Type Mini-game
🎯 Game Objective Guess the position of the number on the slider
💹 Player Rating 4.9/5
🏆 Game Advantages Intuitive interface, high RTP, payouts up to 970x, reliability, mobile compatibility
🎰 Analogues Scratch Dice, Voodoo Dice, Dice Twice

Features of the game Dice


Slot machine Dice - a novelty in 2024 from the famous manufacturer, which has a wide range of features. Due to its unique features, it is popular among beginners and professionals gambling. To find an analog of the game Dice, you need to be familiar with its key features.

These include:

  • A minimalistic style is great for a beautiful interface ✨;
  • Convenient easy operation 🕹;
  • This machine provides the opportunity to make bets of different sizes, ranging from small to large, which makes it versatile 🤑;
  • The simulator can be run through a browser on any device and operating system, so it does not depend on the platform 🌐;
  • The final payout depends solely on the user thanks to the odds settings 💸;
  • The demo mode is safe for users and allows them to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the device 🍀;
  • The online casino offers bonuses that help customers get closer to the jackpot without spending much money 🎁.

The slot machine in question allows you to use a variety of game strategies, ranging from "Maximum Bet" to the D'Alamber method. Players can choose any of the ready-made strategies or come up with their own to achieve success on the field.

Dice is not only a popular, but also a widely used slot. It can be found online without much effort. This slot machine is available in almost all licensed online casinos.

✔ Note that the game has a built-in bot that supports two types of betting settings: standard and advanced. With their help, you can automate the process of playing this simulator. The Dice bot works both in free and paid mode.

How to start using the simulator Dice in demo mode for the first acquaintance


Not all slots have demo versions, which can make it difficult to become more familiar with the simulator. However, in the case of "Dice", it is free and without registration is available in full demo mode, which is not inferior to the functionality of the paid version. The differences between them are minimal.

  • In the test version, it is impossible to transfer winnings to the real balance, as only fictitious currency is used.
  • In demo mode, it is impossible to use casino bonuses and make better bets.
  • If you use the demo mode in online casinos to bet, it does not count for bonuses and loyalty programs.

All other functions remain unchanged: users will be able to use credits to place bets, interact with the bot and enjoy immersion in the world of gambling.

To run the demo mode, you need to go to the official website of Spribe.

  1. With any browser, you can open the website of the slot machine manufacturer.
  2. Find the desired virtual machine of the provided products and click on it with the mouse.
  3. Provider provides a detailed description of their simulator in English to get acquainted with the proposed data.
  4. Click on the purple "Play Demo" button.

After loading the desired slot machine in a new tab of the browser, the user can adjust the payout ratio, and bet size and choose its type. Also available is the option of activating the bot, which is done by clicking on the round button with the image of "Play"▶.

✔ Note that to play for money you need to use virtual gambling houses such as 1win Casino, which offers a wide selection of slot machines and bonuses for registered users. On this portal, you will be able to find analogs of famous slot machines. Using the Spribe web portal to play for money is not possible.

Dice analogs - how to occupy yourself if you are bored


Now we know what features led to the success of the project Spribe. We can pick up similar game simulators based on these features. No provider has been able to completely copy Dice, but there are a few games that gamers might enjoy.

  1. Scratch Dice is a simulator that combines a lottery and a Dice game. In it, you have to buy lottery tickets and erase the shaded area. If a winning combination falls on the Dice, the player receives a payout. The cost of each ticket is fixed and they can be skipped for free. This simulator was created by BGaming.
  2. Voodoo Dice is a game that combines elements of a video simulator and a Dice game. In it, the gambler has to spin the reels and make successful combinations of Dice and images with magical objects, witches, and witches.
  3. Turbo Gaming presents the game Dice Twice, which resembles a project from Spribe. Players are asked to adjust their bets and guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than usual. Unlike other games, this one uses a pie chart instead of rulers. In addition, the simulator offers not only the ability to place small bets but also an automatic mode.

Despite the presence of competitors, every day more and more players are attracted to Dice by Spribe, which suggests that this is just the beginning and this slot machine deserves the attention of all who love gambling.



1.Does Dice have analogs?
Yes, but most other projects are not comparable to Spribe. The closest analog is Dice Twice, which has a maximum multiplier of x100.
2.Do I have to run the game in pay-per-play mode right away?
You can try out Dice and its counterparts in demo mode without having to invest money, register at an online casino or log in to your profile.
3.Do the slot and its counterparts have bonuses?
Only simulators that combine gaming Dice and video machine elements support bonuses. The classic version, based on the "guess the next value," does not support provider promotions. Instead, it is possible to activate bonuses from the online casino where the user is registered.