Dice game: registration and start the slot

Slot machines are becoming increasingly popular among casino users. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each slot, it is not necessary to register. Most games have demo versions, which are available without authorization from the gaming establishment. However, registration opens up access to the "paid" mode of the selected slot, in which you can use promo codes, bonuses, win jackpots and instantly withdraw them to the main account of the player.

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  1. ⭐ Dice - the storyline of the game
  2. 🔥 Get used to the slot machine Dice quickly help easy operation and interface
  3. ⚡ Why Dice is a popular device: its advantages and сharacteristics.
  4. ⭕ You can try out the Dice slot in demo mode without having to register
  5. 📝 Dice Registration - how to create a profile
  6. 📌 Social networks help to quickly register on Dice
  7. 📖 How to play Dice
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Dice game also requires registration to access all its features, options, and functions. Registration guarantees instant payouts and can change your life for the better with just a few clicks of the mouse. Enjoy the incredible adventures, riches, and steady payouts that await every gambling enthusiast right now!

Dice - the storyline of the game


Before you register it is desirable to clearly understand with which slot machine will have to deal. Spribe has released a simulator Dice, which has already gained the reputation of the best producer of gambling games. This machine has become iconic in 2024💥!

"Dice" is a simple slot machine with a classic virtual table with two rulers and a slider. The plot of the game is uncomplicated - the player has to guess what number will fall on the Dice.

This slot machine is different from the classic Dice game with its simple rules: the player does not have to guess a certain numerical value, and the winnings are awarded if the slider enters the colored area on one of the ribbons.

This virtual emulator is suitable for both experienced players who have nothing to surprise, and for beginners just starting in the world of gambling and slot machines. You are waiting for incredible jackpots and large payouts, which are available to everyone interested in the game.

🎲 Game Title Dice
🕹️ Developer Spribe
📊 RTP 97%
💵 Betting Limits 0.1-100
💰 Maximum Win 970x
🎮 Game Types Real Money, Demo
📲 Registration Mandatory for full gameplay
💻 Account Creation In the 1win online casino
📄 Registration Methods Phone and email, through social networks

Get used to the slot machine Dice quickly help easy operation and interface


The game in question is easy to learn. When you run it, users will find a user-friendly interface and a well-designed navigation system that are easy to understand without unnecessary effort.

On the playing field, the main part is occupied by a slider with rulers, and in the corresponding area, there is a small vertical line that displays all played rounds. All winning bets are highlighted in green font.

Below the main game area, there are two control panels. In Dice, the first panel (closer to the rulers) is designed to adjust the payout ratio. With it, the user can manually adjust the corresponding parameter.

  • Clicking on the keys corresponding to the desired multiplier in a specially designated field ⌨;
  • Using the built-in navigation panel 🙌;
  • By changing the multiplier on the special ruler, which is located to the right of the coefficient value, you can adjust it 📏.

On the betting panel below, you can select the bet size, change it up or down, as well as select fixed values. Also on this panel, there are buttons with arrows "Up" and "Down", which allow you to increase or decrease the bet by a certain amount.

Particular attention should be paid to the round button labeled "Play,"▶ which reveals the game's built-in bot. This control automates the game process, which allows the gambler to only occasionally check the screen and observe the growth of winnings without the need for intervention, provided the parameters are set correctly.

✔ Be careful! Dice has a built-in bot that is available for use without the need for registration. You can try out the demo mode of the slot machine to learn more about its functionality.

Why Dice is a popular device: its advantages and сharacteristics.


Registration is not necessary for players who want to try the features of the Dice simulator. The project provides a demo mode, in which almost all functions of the machine will work successfully.

The slot machine that we are studying takes high positions in the ratings of the best slots not by chance. Its main characteristics are the following points:

  • Available demonstration mode, which allows you to use dummy currency to place bets and hone tactics of the game on the field 👀;
  • The gambler makes his own final decision on the setting of the payout ratio when winning ♠;
  • The project has a range of bets, which is suitable not only for high-stakes players but also for those who do not have a large bankroll 🤑;
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand operation 🧠;
  • With the mobile version of the slot machine, the player can stay connected anywhere with internet access and continue to play his favorite game 🌐;
  • The bonuses provided by the casino significantly increase the probability of winning a large sum 🎁;
  • The RTP is at 97%💰;
  • This built-in bot allows you to use different tactics on the field automatically 🤖.

The slot machine has a pleasant interface and is accompanied by pleasant music, which allows the customer to focus on the game. It works and displays properly on both PCs and mobile devices, and does not require downloading or installation on gadgets, as everything happens through an internet browser.

You can try out the Dice slot in demo mode without having to register


The gambler is hesitant whether to bet for real money in the slot, and wants to try to get acquainted with Dice, but does not want to take the risk. You can start with a demo version of the machine, you do not have to register immediately in the selected virtual gambling house. So gamblers will be able to assess the possibility of the game.

Demo mode is a trial version of the slot machine, which provides full access to all functions and operations, except:

  • Improving one's profile when participating in the casino loyalty program and betting.
  • Using or implementing bonuses provided by the administration of the casino as part of the rewards program.
  • All winnings from the slot machine will be presented exclusively in the form of virtual jackpots and payouts.

Dice by Spribe has a safe demo version that does not require registration or authorization. It provides an opportunity to study the slot, try out its functions, and develop game tactics without any risks. In the demo mode, bets are made with virtual currency, which is automatically issued at the start of the round. If the credits run out, you can simply refresh the page, and the account will be recharged again.

Run the Dice demo mode is possible through:

  • The virtual gambling house simulator can easily be found on most web portals.
  • Spribe's official website.

If you open the demo mode of the slot through the casino application, it will work offline, not requiring an Internet connection. This is especially convenient for beginners and gamblers who want to practice their tactics without any risks.

Dice Registration - how to create a profile


Registering for Dice is an opportunity for the user to fully immerse themselves in the slot machine, receive bonuses from the virtual gambling house and receive guaranteed payouts if they win. This service is free of charge only for adults. Underage citizens cannot create accounts to access the "paid" mode in Dice.

Casino registration and the peculiarities of its process depending on the particular institution. If you want to register at 1win Casino, there are some recommendations for you. This casino offers generous bonuses to new players, it has been on the market for several years and receives mostly positive reviews. That's why we recommend registering at this site to gain access to the Dice pay-per-play mode.

There are two ways to create a profile at 1win - standard and expedited. The standard way is more secure but takes more time. To sign up for Dice the standard way, you need to.

  1. Open the 1win Casino page.
  2. To register on the site, you need to click on the button "Registration", located in the upper right corner of the screen. Also, this control may be titled "+Complete Registration".
  3. On the 1win site, creating a profile is done in a standard way called "quick registration". To use it, you need to go to a special tab.
  4. To fill out the form, you need to specify the player's phone number and email address, as well as choose a password for authorization and the currency for financial transactions.
  5. To get an additional welcome reward, you can enter a registration promo code by clicking "Promo Code +". If you don't have a matching promo code, you can skip this step, but remember that a promo code will help increase your standard newbie reward.
  6. To create a profile on the virtual gambling portal, you need to put a mark in a special field, agreeing with the user agreement, which is set by default by the system. It is recommended to read the user agreement in advance, otherwise, it is better not to create a profile on this portal.
  7. After carefully checking the information entered in the registration form, you need to click on the "Register" button.
  8. To activate your profile at 1win you have to follow a special link that the site administration will send to the email indicated at registration after processing the electronic form.

The task is done! The user has the opportunity to access his account on 1win and enjoy not only all the benefits provided by the casino but also to play for real money in the mentioned gambling emulator.

Social networks help to quickly register on Dice


In virtual gambling establishments, you can register in two ways, including authorization through social networks. 1win also provides this option, allowing players to link their social media accounts to their casino profiles. This greatly speeds up the registration process and helps customers get bonuses, Live Casino, and other paid features faster.

For faster registration in 1win, you need to:

  1. You should repeat the first two steps that were described in the previous instruction.
  2. Go to the "Social networks" section.
  3. Choose the currency for financial transactions in the online casino.
  4. The user must accept the terms of the user agreement, which will be noted automatically. However, the gambler can delete the mark at any time. If the mark is not checked, the process of creating an account will not be completed.
  5. It is necessary to click on the icon of the social network with which you plan to continue working.
  6. Log in to the corresponding profile.
  7. A special button will appear on the screen, which will give the casino access to the personal data posted on the social network.

In this case, you can use registration promo codes, indicating them in a special field, without having to go through additional activation. Your profile will be ready for full use right away.

How to play Dice


Dice is very easy to use, especially for customers registered with 1win, who have access to two modes of operation of the virtual simulator. Choosing the right mode after logging into the virtual playhouse will be very easy.

For the gambler to begin to use the slot "Dice", he needs to perform certain steps.

  1. To access the two modes of operation of the slot, you need to go to a personal account on 1win.
  2. Before making bets for real money, it is necessary to check whether there is enough money on the balance of the profile. This is a mandatory step. If necessary, you can replenish the account.
  3. You can find Dice using the search box or the built-in navigation menu.
  4. It is necessary to put the cursor on the search result and select the game mode. To play for free, you need to click on the "Demo" button, and to play for real money - on the "Play" button, which can also be called "For Real Money".
  5. Through the built-in navigation panel Dice, you can configure the betting parameters and select the type of bot (normal or advanced). This happens at the stage when the client prepares the bot for use.
  6. If you do not want to click on the buttons indicating the type of bet, you can run the customized game bot on the right side.

The random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the game, guaranteeing players fair and reliable winnings. The outcome of each round depends entirely on the randomness and luck of each participant, ensuring an equal chance of success.


1.Do I have to register in Dice?
Yes, you can use this slot in demo mode without having to register.
2.Do registered customers receive any gifts?
Welcome bonuses are defined in the casino, not in this slot. For example, in 1win, newcomers are provided with +500% on their first deposit, free spins, cashback up to 30%, and other nice bonuses.
3.Does this simulator need to download?
This slot machine is available through any browser, so it does not require downloading to smartphones, computers, or tablets. If you wish, you can download the casino app, which gives you access to a standalone demo mode and a quick connection to the project.