Dice game: bonuses and their features

Slot machines provide the opportunity to not only have fun but also profit through a variety of bonuses. To increase the size of each bet, users can use various bonus features. They can be obtained in different ways - by performing certain actions in the slot, by depositing a profile in an online casino, or by being active on an entertainment web portal. Bonuses help gamblers get closer to big winnings in geometric progression. At the same time, it is not necessary to risk your money, as the user can use promotional funds or free spins.

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  1. ⭐ What is Dice
  2. 🔥 Key features of the Dice game
  3. ⚡ The spectrum of bonuses for Dice: what they are
  4. ⭕ What are the rules for using Dice bonuses to consider?
  5. 🎁 With the help of promo codes for Dice, you can make your bets more profitable
  6. 📌 Now you can play with pleasure using Dice vouchers
  7. 📖 FAQ

What bonuses does the Dice game offer its visitors? There are several types of bonuses available in the game, which allows players to get the maximum profit from the virtual casino. The main thing is to understand how the rewards system works and what gifts are available. Unbelievable winnings, exciting adventures, and the opportunity to plunge into the world of gambling and risk await you!

What is Dice


Dice is a slot machine released by Spribe that became a popular cult hit in 2024 and topped the slot machine charts 💥. This project offers users almost 100% guaranteed winnings with high odds and is suitable for both experienced players and newcomers to slot machines and betting.

The plot of the game "Playing Dice" by Spribe is quite simple and clear, and will not require the player to dive deep into it. The player simply chooses one of the virtual tables in the casino, where he has to play a simplified and more advanced version of the game of Dice.

The task is to predict whether the next number on the line will be higher or lower than the current number, which ranges from 0.0 to 9.99. Each user has the opportunity to win a big prize if he guesses a number. The round begins at the request of the user, who first selects the bets and then selects "More" or "Less". If the slider on the screen hits the corresponding colored betting line, the user wins. Otherwise, the round is considered a loss.

🎲 Game Title Dice
🕹️ Developer Spribe
📅 Release Year 2021
📊 RTP 97%
🎁 In-Game Bonuses None
🎰 Casino Bonuses Yes
🏆 Types of Bonuses Free credits, free spins, loyalty program points, vouchers
🎟️ Activation Methods Through regular and special promotions, using promo codes
💸 Withdrawal Conditions After meeting wagering requirements

Key features of the Dice game


This slot is not only aesthetically appealing but also profitable. Users gladly share their experience of playing this virtual simulator and all reviews are positive. The main advantages of the game highlighted by visitors include the following points.

  1. Spribe guarantees a high percentage of money back 🎰. Their slot machine has an RTP of 97%, which means that the casino takes only 3% of total winnings. Such rates are a rare occurrence among other slot machines.
  2. The rules are easy to understand and the interface is intuitive, so even a schoolboy will figure it out 🕹. Regardless of experience in gambling, users can access the profitable virtual simulator at any time, 24 hours a day.
  3. The project from Spribe is cross-platform 💻, which means that the slot machine can be run on any operating system without the need for installation on the device. You can play simply through the browser.
  4. Thanks to a careful optimization of the mobile version 🤳, the Dice simulator is now available to play anywhere with a stable Internet connection.
  5. The size of the prizes has almost no limitations. 🤑 A maximum multiplier of x970 is available in the game, and bets can be placed from $0.1 to $100.
  6. Users can adjust the multiplier before each round ♠. The higher the multiplier, the smaller the area the pointer needs to hit to win, but the risks increase and the potential winnings become more lucrative.
  7. This slot machine provides a full demo mode 👀, which allows you to become more familiar with all the features of the game. The demo version does not require installation on your device, it can be run on any device and supports all slot machine options. The only limitation of the demo version is the inability to withdraw winnings in the real world, as they are completely virtual.
  8. This bot 🤖 is built into the game and helps to automate bets for maximum benefit. The player only needs to set it up with a few clicks of the mouse, and then bets will be placed automatically according to the set criteria. This allows the gambler to receive passive income from the game on the machine, without the distraction of constantly following the process of betting.

Getting bonuses in the game is difficult because the simulator does not provide provider promotions by default. Instead, the game's virtual machine is linked to the bonus program of the casino where the game is run. Gifts from the portal administration do not work in the demo version but are available in the full version for a fee. Profitable bets are available to gamers right now 🎁.

The spectrum of bonuses for Dice: what they are


The various ways of obtaining bonuses for the virtual gambling machine under consideration depend on the type of gifts, which can be represented.

  • free spins 🎰;
  • bonus money for further bets 👛;
  • promo codes ⌨.

Casino players can receive three types of gifts: registration, individual and regular, as well as no-deposit and deposit promotions. In the first case, the gift is given immediately after fulfilling the necessary conditions, and in the second - only after replenishing the balance for a certain amount. Each bonus has its unique deposit threshold.

Some online casinos offer a bonus program that allows players to increase their rank on the site and receive more generous gifts. To increase your rank it is necessary to bet with real money in the slot machines.

What are the rules for using Dice bonuses to consider?


Each online casino has its bonus program, which includes a set of gifts and unique rules for their use. However, there is a certain set of general rules that every player should know and internalize.

  1. Gifts provided by the administration of the online casino, are credited to the bonus account players and can not be withdrawn until the condition wagering will not be fulfilled.
  2. For each promotional offer, set its period and the amount of time within which the scrolling will be carried out. The requirements for scrolling will vary depending on the terms of each offer.
  3. The free spins you receive as part of the casino bonus program can only be used in certain slots specified by the administration. And bonus USD can be used in any virtual simulator's gambling site.
  4. When you create a new online casino profile, all registration bonuses, except the welcome package, are automatically activated. However, to receive these bonuses, you must meet the wagering conditions.
  5. Most of the gifts issued by the administration of the virtual entertainment portal, can not be obtained repeatedly. However, exceptions are periodic promotions, such as cashback or rewards for replenishing the profile to a certain predetermined amount.
  6. Some gifts from the casino are received without request, while others require you to contact support within a set time frame.

Before you take part in the incentive system of the selected casino, you should remember another important rule: gifts from the administration of the site that have not been won back, are lost without the possibility of their recovery in the future. The customer will have to accept the loss of the gift if he does not meet the requirements for scrolling 🎁.

With the help of promo codes for Dice, you can make your bets more profitable


What benefits does the Dice game offer to gamblers? It provides bonuses in the form of promo codes, which are the most common way to get extra rewards in this virtual gambling simulator. To get the bonus, users must find a unique combination and activate it within a set time frame.

After using a promo code, the player can get various rewards in the virtual casino, both fixed and selective. Rewards can be no deposit or deposit, and most often include free spins and bonus. Sometimes players can get experience for betting and other useful opportunities to improve their casino experience.

To use a regular or individual promo code, which is issued to the most active and loyal players, you need to go to your account on the entertainment web portal and go to the menu "Bonus Codes". Then you need to enter the obtained unique combination, click on the button "Activate" and get the deserved reward. You can be sure that we always try to please our players with pleasant bonuses!

To activate a registration promo code at the online casino, you need to enter it in a special line of the form to create a personal account. To do this, you usually need to click on the hyperlink "I have a bonus code". After completing the registration, the player will receive a no-deposit/deposit bonus or increase in the standard welcome package of promotions from the web entertainment portal.

Now you can play with pleasure using Dice vouchers


Dice vouchers are a rare type of reward that are cash certificates of a certain denomination set by the administration. They resemble a promo code and also require activation in the personal cabinet of the selected gambling portal.

Vouchers differ from other bonuses in that they do not need to perform any conditions for cashing. As soon as the player activates the voucher, he can use the bonus funds credited to bet for real money. In this case, the amount of the voucher will not be deducted from the winnings.

Online casino promo codes are distributed through various channels, including thematic websites, social networks, and gambling channels. They can be obtained through free mailings or obtained from the club's administration.

Vouchers can be found as individual rewards or as part of closed promotions. Sometimes such certificates are distributed through online slot machine platforms.


1.Can I play Dice for free?
Of course, there is a special demo version of the simulator, which can be run through most casinos and the official Spribe website.
2.Does the machine have built-in bonuses?
There are no provider bonus features on the slot machine. The unique feature that is provided is a built-in bot.
3.What to do with a promo code for Dice?
If you have an individual or standard bonus code, you can activate it in the personal cabinet section of the virtual casino with the appropriate name. And if you have a registration promo code, you can activate it directly in the account registration form.
4.What if I did not have time to activate the bonus code?
If the player did not use the promo code within the deadline, the gift becomes invalid.