What do gamblers think about the Dice slot?

To use slot machines successfully, you need to have not only certain skills but also the ability to choose the right slot. Some games turn out to be more profitable, while others are only suitable for players who are willing to risk large sums of money. Reviews help users understand which slot machine they will be dealing with. This information is more useful than all the data and descriptions provided by slot machine providers.

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What is a Dice game? Every day, gamers leave a lot of reviews about this slot, describing its key features. Dice is the name of a cult slot from the company Spribe, which was released in 2024💣 and quickly gained popularity in Internet. This gambling emulator is suitable for both beginners and professionals, and it is easy and simple to win with a few clicks and a little luck!

Dice game - description and controls


Ort Spribe, known as "Dice", has become an iconic slot machine of 2024 and continues to be in growing demand among gamblers around the world. The popularity of this slot is growing daily, providing players with incredible earning opportunities.

Dice is a new format of the classic game of Dice that is beloved by many. It is a simplified version of the game in electronic format with additional advantageous options. There is no special storyline in this slot machine. The client simply goes to one of the virtual tables with gambling entertainment. On it, they will see a runner and two rulers located above and below the "indicators".

The client must predict whether the number in the next game decrease relative to the previous one. If the prediction is correct, he will get a payout, if not - he loses his bet.

Dice has an intuitive and easy-to-operate interface that even inexperienced in gambling people can quickly learn by reviewing. This machine quickly brings income from each successfully played game.

To control the game, you can use the cursor as the mouse, and the keyboard (if it is more convenient). For convenience, there are two control panels, located under the main game field with rulers and a slider. The first panel is designed to set the coefficient, which can be specified:

  • using the keyboard;
  • using the built-in panel;
  • through the ruler with a pointer.

Clients have an opportunity to choose the size of winnings, which they can get in case of a successfully played round. The higher the value of the multiplier on the rulers, the smaller the area that the runner must occupy for the client to win. If the multiplier is smaller, the area the runner must occupy will be larger. The maximum value of the multiplier can reach x970, but the chances of winning, in this case, are very low.

On the second control panel, direct bets are available. Here gamers can see a panel with the size of the betting and the buttons to reduce and increase the payout, the formation of a fixed bet is on the right side of it. Next are the settings of the built-in Dice bot and the start of the slot, indicating the type of betting: "more" or "less". To start the game, you need to click on the appropriate controls or activate the built-in "Autoplay".

On the main game panel, at the top, there is a vertical line, which will show all previous games. Tournaments that have been won will be highlighted with a special designation - green.

🎲 Game Title Dice
🕹️ Developer Spribe
📅 Release Year 2021
🎮 Game Type Mini-game
🎯 Game Objective Guess the position of the number on the slider
📊 RTP 97%
🏅 Player Rating 4.9/5
🏆 Game Advantages Mobile compatibility, intuitive interface, winnings up to 970x, high return

Dice reviews: key benefits


Dice receives mostly positive reviews, which explains the extraordinary demand for this game. Despite the lack of a spectacular storyline and detailed graphics, this game is popular among fans of gambling.

Most often, reviews from real users of this slot machine highlight its advantages:

  • mobile version 🤳;
  • the control system, is easy and quick to learn, even without special knowledge 🕹;
  • payout ratio control 📈;
  • instant payments, which come immediately to the balance of the player 💸;
  • the bot is built into the game, which automates the gameplay 🤖;
  • RTP slot machine is 97%, which means a high percentage of payments 👛;
  • online casinos provide a wide range of bonuses that allow players to get closer to winning large sums of money 🎁;
  • the betting range covers values from $0.1 to $100 and is characterized by a high degree of loyalty 💱;
  • random number generator provides equal chances of winning for all gamblers, regardless of experience and size of the bet 🎰;
  • the slot machine is protected to a high level, making it impossible to manipulate and hack 🔐;
  • this is a trial version, which helps to get used to the program faster without any threat 💥;
  • the virtual simulator runs through any browser on any platform with a stable Internet connection, which makes it versatile 🌐.

This slot machine provides the opportunity to use different strategies to increase the likelihood of winning large sums of money. It is suitable for both high-stakes players and beginners who do not have a lot of financial resources.

From the reviews of Dice, we can conclude that this virtual simulator is worth a try. Another advantage of it is that it is widespread and you can easily find its slot in almost every licensed virtual casino.

Tactics for Dice - applicable schemes


Dice gets positive reviews from users who emphasize its main advantages. Some players share their experiences of using successful strategies in the game that allow them to win big money.

This slot machine is versatile and compatible with any operating system. In addition, it provides the ability to use different patterns of behavior when playing casino games. This means that customers can apply all known gambling strategies and choose the best solution for themselves.

At Dice, the most commonly used strategies include:

  • "1-3-2-6";
  • Martingale;
  • "Play on Raise";
  • Fibonacci number;
  • Oscar's method;
  • D'Alamber's method;
  • Paroli;
  • Labouchet;
  • Maximum Bet;
  • "Grid".

This list of strategies is not complete - the options described are simply the most common in the world of gambling. Players can come up with their methods of behavior on the playing field or not even use them, relying on their intuition. Each user makes the final decision for himself.

Reviews of the schemes in Dice - the best of the best


There is always a desire to maximize profits, especially when you switch to the real money game mode. To do this, gamblers are willing to devote a lot of time to studying various strategies and determining their effectiveness in the selected slot.

According to the reviews of experienced players and high rollers, the most profitable strategies in the game on Dice stand out as the following.

  1. The "D'Alamber" method involves dividing the bankroll into equal parts and the initial bet. If the player loses, the next bet increases by a fixed amount, and if he wins - it decreases. This method can be useful for both experienced players and beginners with a large bankroll, who face difficulties.
  2. The name of the strategy "1-3-2-6" speaks for itself, and it is most suitable for players who have a medium or large bankroll. The essence of the strategy is to gradually increase the bet by 3, 2, and 6 times respectively. If the bet loses in any round except the first, it will not bring a big loss.
  3. "Play on Raise" is an effective strategy that can be used in any game. Its essence is to increase the bet after each loss by a certain amount. When the player wins, he returns to the original bet. This helps to mitigate losses and increase the chances of success.
  4. "Martingale" is a betting strategy similar to the previous option, but easier to use. It is recommended for high rollers and may be suitable for users with a small bankroll. It is based on a gradual increase in bets, where each losing bet is doubled. After winning, the bets return to their original values.

Do not leave out such a tactic as "Maximum Profit", which, according to the gamblers, allows you to feel the true excitement and risk. If luck smiles on the player, he can earn a huge amount of money in a favorable confluence of circumstances!

The strategy is to make the maximum bet each time, which can lead to high risks. If the player has a small bankroll, he should determine the appropriate figure on his own. However, with each successfully played game, the risks can be justified.

Feedback from people who have played the slot in question emphasizes that there are no 100% winning strategies in gambling. However, the proposed concepts of behavior can help improve the efficiency of betting and make the game more enjoyable, overcoming losses in the case of unsuccessful games.

The Dice reviews we provide are pure truth, without any distortion


The slot machine receives a lot of reviews from gamers, among which positive reviews prevail, which focus on the key features of this simulator. Here are some real-life examples of reviews that illustrate this.

I can't say how good the cash game is, as I haven't registered yet and only use the demo version. However, I found Dice at an online casino and was pleasantly surprised by the fast loading time and the ability to bet indefinitely. I also found a built-in bot that can be customized for any game tactic. The frequency of wins surprises me and I'm even thinking of starting to play for real money. Overall, I would recommend this simulator as a great way to relax and have fun.
I was attracted to the slot machine by its simple rules and low stakes that don't require a big investment. I started playing the demo version on the official Spribe website, and then I registered at the casino and found this game. I liked the ability to adjust the payout ratio when you win, which gives you control over the winnings of each successful game.
Dice is an excellent slot machine that allows players not to get bogged down with various gambling strategies. It features a wide variety of schemes, with instant payouts and returns of high 97%, which is a rarity in the market. Each player can independently adjust the profitability of each game by setting the payout ratio. In addition, there is a bot to automate the game, and the virtual machine works equally well on smartphones and computers.

Just read a few reviews about the game Dice to understand that it is a cult in the world of gambling and deserves the attention of all gambling enthusiasts. This game is loved by both beginners and experienced professionals in the field.


1.Can I play Dice for free?
Yes, definitely. The slot machine has a functional demo version, which can be found in most online casinos and on the official website of the manufacturer.
2.Is it necessary to download the slot machine to use it?
Yes, you need a browser and stable internet on your device to run the slot. The slot works on all devices, including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets, regardless of the operating system. If you want quick access to the simulators, you can download the application of your chosen casino.
3.What is the most profitable strategy in Dice?
No strategy offers a guarantee of victory. Customer reviews indicate that it is worth paying attention to such approaches as "Maximum Bet", "Play on Raise" and "Martingale".
4.Can I play a slot machine if I am on a limited budget?
Of course, this slot machine is versatile, as its betting range is flexible enough to meet the needs of any player.